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“We’ve got the ball. You bring the game!”

TACHIKARA®(pronounced tah·chee·kar·ah) established in 1915, is a world renown innovator and leader in advanced methods for manufacturing and materials. Our brand name derives from the mythological character, Tachikara-Ono-Mikoto, known historically as the "god of power' in Japanese folklore.

In 1952, the company revolutionized the inflatable athletic ball industry by engineering technology and equipment to manufacture a new seamless ball. During this modern era, Tachikara pioneered its proprietary Single Unit Construction method and set its brand apart from the typical asymmetrical hand-stitched balls being produced and offered by others. Starting with inside components and working outward, our SUC® method combines an internal rubber bladder, specially woven reinforcement materials, and a pliable outer cover into a single unit in a process that improved the overall sphericity, air retention, rebound, durability and performance. This type of ball is widely and commonly referred to as either “molded” or “laminated” within the sporting goods industry.

Tachikara’s ingenuity later led to development of its patented Loose Bladder Construction method. Exclusive to Tachikara, this often imitated but never duplicated method of construction continues to be a hallmark of our line of top performance volleyballs. In short, the LBC® method provides for a thin layer of air to circulate between the inside rubber bladder and layers of woven cotton canvas reinforcement panels that support a premium leather or composite leather outside cover. The result is a precision balanced ball offering truer flight and less impact with a superior soft touch. Our seamless SV-5W leather LBC® volleyball was first introduced at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Tachikara’s remarkable touch and consistent performance during these inaugural volleyball games made a positive and lasting impression on both men and women during competition leading to many players, coaches and national governing bodies to encourage Tachikara to export its products around the world for enthusiasts to experience and enjoy.

Tachikara modernized its production in 2003 with introduction of its new Dual Bladder Construction method. Appropriately named, our flagship volleyballs designed for the highest levels of competition are now manufactured with two internal and independently operating bladders. Our DBC® method adds a separate internal membrane to encompass the main rubber bladder to provide an impact reducing layer of air to circulate between those components. The result is a ball that is twice as durable and responsive with an improved level of control and flight.

Sensi-Tec® composite leather materials were introduced in 2003 through a refined scientific extraction process that elongated and strengthened with resin applications to the micro-fiber base layers for notably consistent play and durability.

At Tachikara, we are devoted to discovering the latest designs, materials and technologies to creatively innovate quality products that are matched with unparalleled value and performance with you, the player, in mind. It’s our daily motivation and desire for you and your teammates to have an extraordinary experience with our products.

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